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   .nl domain name Netherlands

.nl domain names

nl domain registration   

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Prices for .nl domain names

  Price (euro, VAT excl) Price (euro, VAT incl)
Extension Period (years) Period (years)
1 2 5 10 Setup
1 2 5 10
.nl - 29 44 75 115 - 35.09 53.24 90.75 139.15

Registration for .nl domain names


Country code for



Mostly used by Dutch residents and businesses, but everyone can register a .nl domain name

Legal requirements

The registration of a .nl domain name requires an administrative contact address in The Netherlands (P.O. boxes are not allowed).

If you don’t have an address in The Netherlands, you can still order a .nl domain name. Your address will automatically be replaced by the Dutch UniNames contact address.

Technical requirements

If the owner uses his own name servers, they should be configured in advance.

Naming conventions

All letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) are allowed; hyphens (-) are also allowed, however not at the beginning or at the end of the domain name. A domain name should be between 2 and 63 characters long.

Registration term

1 to 20 years

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